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A laptop is a device to buy, that should last many years.  There are a myriad of computer brands on the market. Both PCs and laptops fall into two main categories. “Onboard Graphics” and “Dedicated Graphics”. Onboard Graphics (or Integrated Memory) on a laptop, simply means your RAM (Random Access Memory) is driving your screen (monitor) as well as your laptop. A laptop with Onboard Graphics is built to price and NOT recommended. These laptops are prone to over heating and suitable for the most basic computer tasks only. They are also the laptops the large department stores will use to rope customers into their store. A bulk purchase is made of superseded stock, supplied on consignment, and then as long as the department store sells one other product to the customer, they are in front.

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The NBN (National Broadband Network) is slowly rolling out Australia wide. The fibre cable will give unprecedented internet speed where available. In many older suburbs such as Surfers Paradise, the age of the buildings and hi-rises will prohibit re cabling. In these situations a “hybrid” solution may be offered. This is where “fibre to the node” or simply combining fibre optic and wireless technology may be the only option. Fibre optic technology will connect to a fixed wireless transmitter, thus allowing residents and business to receive wireless internet. https://www.telstra.com.au/broadband/home-broadband/nbn/nbn-rollout

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Cherri International supply Nikon, Canon, SONY and Olympus Digital and DSLR cameras and scanners. Digital cameras have been part of our lives for many years now. There are a myriad of brands, some excellent and some not so. Prices will range from $100.00 - $10,000.00. On average, $250.00 - $1,200.00 will give you an enormous selection of well featured Digital Cameras.

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Cherri International are receiving many telephone calls from consumers who have been “stung” by the the fake Telstra and Microsoft telemarketing. These individuals will call and allege the house hold computer has a virus. They will then ask the call receiver to download a computer file, thus allowing full Remote Access to the PC. The PC owner may see their mouse operating under the guidance of the caller.

Telstra, Microsoft or other companies DO NOT make random calls. These “low life” prey on those with limited computer knowledge. The caller will then ask for credit card details to pay for a “solution” to rid the computer of the virus.

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Cherri International are still receiving telephone calls from consumers who have been “stung” by the bulk electrical Stores, when buying a laptop computer.

The bulk electrical store will buy possibly a container load of an “entry level” laptop. They will then proceed to sell these at their “cost”, plus a few dollars. This is to “rope the customer into their store”. As long as the customer buys one other item, the bulk electrical store is in front. Then the bulk electrical store will claim the loss against their Tax.

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