Linux Mint 18

Most of us are familiar with various versions of Windows Operating systems and the popular Apple Mac.  There is another option for PC Users called Linux.


Linux is a clone of the operating system Unix, written

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Windows 10

Cherri International have received a number of telephone calls regarding the new Windows 10 features.  Windows 10 still includes all the features included in Windows 7.  Internet Explorer has been replaced by Edge.  Internet Explorer, Control Panel and other tools are still there and it is fairly quick to change the Windows 10 interface, inluding a classic start bar.

Cortana and OneDrive can be disabled, if the user is not comfortable with these features.  (Registry setting)

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Online Shopping

There are many reasons to shop online.  Shopping has never been easier for the Consumer, the selection is enormous and "drop shipment" makes it efficient.  Pricing online is often cheaper than in the actual store.  This is often to build a database, although illegal, these are often sold.

1. Only Use Familiar Websites

Start with a trusted website instead of shopping with a search engine.  Search

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Windows 10 Upgrade :
Cherri International receive a number of telephone calls per week about Windows 10 attempting
to upgrade their Windows 7, 8.0 or 8.1 computer. Microsoft have very aggressive almost forcing
the user to upgrade their Operating system.

If a Consumer buys a brand new PC or Laptop, and this has Windows 10 pre installed, the Computer
will run well. Windows 10 prefers more current Software, and some older Software will not run.

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Intel_Compute_Stick  Marks Computer Tips

Cherri International have just been advised that 272 million unencrypted unique Usernames and Passwords have been sent from a hacker.

If you rely on Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, you may want to take a minute now and change the password. What we recommend is to use “special Characters” such as : “!,@,#,$,%,&” - eg P@ssW0rd#2016 Information security consulting firm Hold Security claimed it had acquired a list of 272 million login credentials spread across all three webmail providers, as well as Russian company Mail.ru. The highest proportion – 57 million – were said to be from the Russian email provider.

Elsewhere, 40 million logins were said to be from Yahoo accounts, 33 million from Hotmail and 24 million from Google. All three

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