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Cherri International was invited to a Kaspersky Lab Partner function in Melbourne in May.  Eugene Kaspersky and staff ran over the current Virus statistics.  Cyber crime is costing the global economy US$600 Billion per annum.

Every 40 seconds somebody is affected by Ransomware.  310,000 new malicious files are processed per day.

At time of writing, the number of known viruses are


  • iOS (600)
  • Linux (33,000)
  • Apple Mac (53,000)
  • Android (23 Million)
  • Windows (474 Million)

Cyber crime is not limited to PCs and mobile devices, but also servers, smart TVs, CCT cameras, motor vehicles, trains, ships, ATMs at banks, aircraft and public utilities.

Cherri International receive telephone calls from many of our clients about Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and Ransomware.  The internal Virus Protection on the computer, may not remove the virus or threat, once infected.  Removing the Hard Drive and scanning it with another computer, may be required.  Call Mark at Cherri International to have this service, on (07) 5537 8382 or 0416 365 859. 

WannaCry Virus is one example of this virus removal option.  We can not stress the importance of Backing Up Data and files.  There are a large selection of external hard drives and other storage solutions.

We only recommend AVG (Business), Trend Micro and Kaspersky as virus protection.  There are a myriad of other brands, these do not stop the really damaging viruses.  We do not recommend and FREE Virus protection.  AVG (Business), Trend Micro and Kaspersky all offer excellent protection at a minimal annual subscription.  If new virus protection is installed, before doing so, the Hard Drive should firstly be scanned for infections.  We do not recommend internet banking or online transactions on any device that does not have virus protection.

Remote Access Switch :

What we also recommend is to turn the Remote Access Switch OFF on any Computer or Notebook.  This prevents hacking of your Computer by a third party.

To do this:

Click on 'Start' 

Click on 'Control Panel'

Click on 'System'

Click on 'Remote Settings'

Untick 'Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer'

Click on 'Apply'

Click on 'OK'


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