Windows 10 Upgrade :
Cherri International receive a number of telephone calls per week about Windows 10 attempting
to upgrade their Windows 7, 8.0 or 8.1 computer. Microsoft have very aggressive almost forcing
the user to upgrade their Operating system.

If a Consumer buys a brand new PC or Laptop, and this has Windows 10 pre installed, the Computer
will run well. Windows 10 prefers more current Software, and some older Software will not run.

If the Consumer has older Hardware (Laptop or Desktop PC) it is illogical to expect a "generic"
Windows 10 upgrade to install correctly on all Computers. We see a 60% failure rate, and
then the Computer needs to be "rolled back" to Windows 7. In the meantime about 2.6 Gigabyte of
your Internet usage has been wasted. This is especially an issue for those on Mobile Broadband.

Windows 10 can be un installed within 30 days. The Windows 10 "free" upgrade is only the basic
Software, so if you have a number of Computers Networked, Windows 10 Professional will need
to be purchased. Windows 7 will be supported for a long time.

The Windows 10 upgrade can be easily disabled. Cherri International can remove the offending files
and give your Computer a clean up. The process will take approximately an hour. This is also an
ideal opportunity to review your Virus protection. Clean up includes all your Caches, Temporary
and Duplicate files.  Generally this can be done whilst you wait.

IT Technicians :
The Gold Coast has a myriad of excellent Computer Technicians. There is also a small number of  "undesirables"
who will "Scam" a Customer lacking in Computer knowledge.
As a safeguard, if the Computer Technician does not have an ABN, please do not employ their service.
It is easy to run a check on any Computer or IT Service.  The ASIC - allows you to
check how long the Business has been trading. The Government have established a number of Departments
to protect the Consumer. These include Office of Fair Trading.  webicon_green Windows 10 Upgrade / IT Technicians
It is your right to report a bad experience.

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