Additional Virus Issues 2 :

Cherri International receive telephone calls from many of our clients about Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and Malware. Viruses do not just affect PCs, they affect all computer devices including Servers, iOS, Mac, Linux and Android. We do not recommend internet banking or online transactions on any device that does not have virus protection.

We only recommend AVG (Business), Trend Micro and Kaspersky as virus protection. There are a myriad of other brands, these do not stop the really damaging Viruses. We do not recommend any FREE Virus protection. AVG (Business), Trend Micro and

Kaspersky all offer excellent protection at a minimal annual subscription.

Mail Server :

When an email is sent, it is routed through your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP acts like a Post Office. What we recommend for those with high email usage, is to check your emails on the Mail Server. Once emails have been filtered, then download to your computer or notebook.  All Internet Service Providers allow this facility.

Generally to access the Mail Server it is as simple as typing https://webmail.iinet.net.au/ (or your ISP such as Telstra - http://webmail.  bigpond.com/webedge/do/dologin, Optusnet, or Onthenet).  Call your ISP if you are uncertain.

Type the Username and Password you are already using on your computer.

This is a great tool and can be used when you are travelling, from any PC.

The ISP is totally independent from your PC or mobile device.

Users of Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook (Public Domain Email Services) are already using a Mail Server.

The Mail Server allows the user to filter all email messages sent, thus removing potential threats from reaching your PC.

Delete any emails from banks, financial institutions, lotteries with zip attachments (unless you know the sender) and be wary of freight company emails with zip attachments. (These will always contain a virus).  Fraudulent emails are sent from what appears to be a bank, asking the user to access their bank account through the email.

Banks and financial institutions will NEVER send these emails. Most attachments are sent as a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat)or a Photo format such as .jpeg. These emails are costing hard working and innocent individuals $billions per annum.

Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 can be contacted to report fraud attempts.

Remote Access Switch :

What we also recommend is to turn the Remote Access Switch OFF on any computer or notebook. This prevents hacking of your computer by a third party.

To do this

  • Click on “Start” 
  • Click on “Control Panel” 
  • Click on “System” 
  • Click on “Remote Settings”
  • UN TICK “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”
  • Click on “Apply” 
  • Click on “Ok”.

If your computer has been hacked, and someone has Remote accessed, taking control, TURN IT OFF (This will break the Internet connection). (The power button on laptop or Desktop PC).  Then call Cherri International (07) 5537 8382

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