If you have a PC still running on Windows XP, it may be time to update your equipment. Although the Windows XP system is very easy to use, Internet Explorer 9 or higher can not be used. This also means most of the reliable virus scanners and a myriad of software programs will not install onto the computer.

Windows 10 was released to the market, with mixed response. Windows 10 combines a traditional Microsoft operating system, also allowing the installation and use of Apps. 

Microsoft have added a “Get Windows 10” update button to the bottom of your Windows 7 Task bar, to entice the User to update. Cherri International have had a myriad of telephone calls from customers deciding whether to update or not.

Our advise is NOT to use the Microsoft Update to Windows 10 unless you have all your data backed up.

Windows 10 will often reach about 80% of the installation and “crash”. The User will then require telephone support from Microsoft or a Technician. Generally the PC will need to be “restored” to Windows 7 or 8.1.

Upgrading to Windows 10 will use a further 4 Gigabytes of Hard Drive space, and will retain the existing Windows 7. This is not an issue if the hard drive is large. Windows 10 will run perfectly if installed onto a new hard drive, or new PC. Windows 10 is fast and the Start Bar is back. Printers and external devices are a breeze to install. Cherri International found the most current software will run well. Some older software would not install. PC MUST have minimum 4GB (Gigabyte) RAM. Windows 10 can be set up with a Windows 7 ‘feel’ if the User so requires it, including Internet Explorer. A new browser has been added to Windows 10 (called Edge).

Windows 10 will ask if the User wishes to purchase additional Apps during installation. Microsoft are trying to sell the User, Apps that have already been sold to them once, running on their Smart Phones. Adding to the above mentioned are the technology changes that we see in Windows 10 which are incredible,including speed, multi tasking and longer battery life on notebook and tablet devices.

Please come and talk to Cherri International over a “cup of coffee” and let us tailor a computer solution to your individual or business requirements. A robust and reliable Intel i5, 16GB RAM, Desktop PC with Samsung 24” LED - HD Monitor and Windows 7 or 10 Professional $1,950.00 as at December 2015 (Set up to your requirements & data transfer)

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