• QuarkXPress 2018

QuarkXPress  2018

The Best Professional Print and Digital Design Software Available

Turn your ideas into reality with QuarkXPress 2018. It’s the graphic design software that gives you precise control over text, images, shapes, colour, opacity, and it’s compatible with a broad range of file formats. No design is too simple or too complex — and no page layout software gives you more control.

For more than 30 years, millions of users — from freelance designers to global organisations, marketing departments, agencies, print providers, and publishers — have used QuarkXPress to produce advertising, brochures, magazines, books, catalogs, newspapers, flipbooks, mobile apps, and more. Why? Because QuarkXPress offers the ultimate in creativity, design control, and professional print and digital output.

Design, Layout, and Professional Print Output

Built on a 64-bit architecture with uniquely innovative desktop publishing (DTP)  features, QuarkXPress has surpassed the competition.  It provides Bézier editing so you can remain in one application for page layout with high-end typography and vector drawing.  With the non-desctructive image editing capabilites, you can even manipulate images within the context of your design, without having to constantly switch to other image editing software.

Great design is only half the equation; the other half is output.  The final printed piece must match what's on the screen.  This is ensured in QuarkXPress with print previews, soft proofing features, comprehensive colour management and support for international colour standards.  QuarkXPress also includes a built-in preflighting feature (called Job Jackets) that can identify potential output issues early in the design process.  When your layout is ready to go, easy-to-use presents for print-ready PDFs (PDF/X-4 certified) make sure output will go without a hitch.

Things you can do:

Brochures and Flyers + Books and User Guides
+ Print Ads + Catalogues and Circulars
+ Posters + Directories and Yearbooks
+ Banners + Financial Reports
+ Direct Marketing + Magazines
+ Postcards + Newspapers
+ Collateral + Newsletters
+ Packaging + Logo design

+ And much more …

Digital Design & Publishing

With QuarkXPress print designers are right at home and ready to go with their digital publishing projects. You can easily convert content from print to digital formats. You can synchronise content between print layouts, digital projects, and design for different device screen dimensions and orientations. You can even share colour definitions, style sheets, and other resources between different layouts. Plus, you only have to learn one skill set to design for multiple media — so you’re more productive with a faster time to results. What’s more, there is no coding required! Create it all within the intuitive user interface of QuarkXPress.

Things you can do:

  • Interactive Tablet and Smartphone Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices
  • Responsive HTML 5 Publications with app-like interactivity to share your digital magazine, newspapers and e-catalogues over the Web
  • Flipbooks based on standard HTML5 running in any modern browser without the need of a browser plug-in
  • Standardized eBooks running on Amazon Kindle, iBooks®, Sony® Reader, NOOK®, and other eBook readers.
  • Web design mockups for rapid prototyping of HTML5 Web pages 

Integration with other Applications and Formats

+ Native InDesign® IDML Import
Convert InDesign IDML files directly into editable QuarkXPress objects that retain attributes such as style sheet names and master pages.

+ Convert PDF, Illustrator, and EPS Files to Native QuarkXPress Objects
Say goodbye to time-consuming projects such as rebuilding logos and reconstructing PDF files sent by your clients. QuarkXPress is the first layout application to import PDF, Illustrator, and EPS files and convert them to native objects. Benefit from fully editable vector graphics, real text, and automatically extracted colors and font information. Simply copy items from other applications such as PowerPoint, Illustrator, or even InDesign and paste them into your QuarkXPress layout as Native QuarkXPress Objects, allowing you to easily complete or reuse them in QuarkXPress.

+ Import Text, Pictures, and Hyperlinks from Microsoft® Word
Take Microsoft® Word documents with text, hyperlinks, footnotes, and pictures and place them directly into your QuarkXPress layout. Text formatting and Style Sheets can be imported and hyperlinks are automatically added to the Hyperlinks Palette.

+ PSD and AI Import
QuarkXPress lets you import Adobe® Photoshop and Illustrator files, then hide and show layers and channels, clip to embedded paths, control layer opacity, and apply blend modes — all from right there in the QuarkXPress layout.

+ Import Tables and Charts from Microsoft Excel
QuarkXPress lets you import data from Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, make it beautiful, and then update the content from the Excel file without losing any formatting.

What's new in QuarkXPress 2018 Software :

Unsurpassed Typography

  • First-Class OpenType Controls
  • Colour Fonts Support
  • Upgraded Font Listing
  • Hyphenation Strictness Levels
  • OpenType Support for Digital

Professional Print Publishing

  • Direct InDesign IDML Import
  • New PDF Print Engine
  • Tagged/Accessible PDF
  • Built-in JavaScript ES6+ V8
  • Digital-to-Print Conversion

Unlimited Digital Publishing

  • Unlimited Android Apps
  • Digital Preview Improvements
  • HTML5 Export Optimizations
  • Grouped Interactivity
  • Collect for Output Digital

PLUS you get:

Bonus #1: 60-day free email support
Bonus #2: Access to an exclusive QuarkXPress Facebook Mastermind Group
Bonus #3: Advanced Video Tutorial Series from publishing expert Martin Turner
Bonus #4: Cross platform license running on Mac and Win
Bonus #5: Lifetime license - you own the software

QuarkXPress 2018 software will continue to be sold as a perpetual license – no subscription necessary.

Please check the system requirements below before confirming your order. 

Minimum System Requirements


  • QuarkXPress 2018 supports the newest three operating systems from both MacOS and Windows
  • Mac : El Capitan (OS X 10.11.x) and Sierra (MacOS 10.12.x) and High Sierra (MacOS 10.13.x)
  • Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (all 64 bit only, with latest updates)
  • Please note that QuarkXPress 2018 might not work on older operating systems, however these are not supported or tested by Quark.


  • CPU with dual cores or more
  • 2GB RAM available for QuarkXPress
  • 2GB hard disk space for installation
  • For better performance, especially when working with complex (graphic heavy) and long documents, it is recommended to use more powerful hardware and have more RAM available for QuarkXPress

Contact: Mark Wren by Email: mark@cherricomputers.com or Telephone: (07) 5537 8382 or 0416 365 859

Single User AAP Download Mac/Win (2 Mac/Win install)

(Available in Update from Previous Version, NFP, Student & Teacher and Government Licensing)

If you have Adobe Indesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Capture One Pro, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher or Serif Page Plus, then take a look at the "Competitive Upgrade" offer.

Please contact Cherri International about QVLP & Government Licensing.

QuarkXPress 2018

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  • Product Code: QuarkXPress 2018
  • Availability: 100
  • $1,399

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